Safety & Stabilization


Enrolled Community Service Program consumers have access to a 24/7 on-call phone number for assistance with crisis situations. Services are typically funded through Purchase of Service county contracts.


In-Home Safety Services

In-home services are provided to families at risk of child abuse or neglect. The service is based on individual and family needs, for example, random drug tests to ensure sobriety, evening supervision, transportation to treatment, home management and basic parenting assistance.

In-Home Stabilization

Includes AODA recovery support, medication monitoring, mental health stabilization, and hospital diversion services.

Supervised Visitation

The Supervised Visitation Service provides parents and their children with safe supervised contact. Visits occur in various locations, including Orion offices, county offices, in the community or in family homes.

Orion works in partnership with county agencies, which may include the county court systems, and can provide this service without County involvement, or a court order. This service can also be purchased privately.