Parent Skill Builder

“Do the best you can until you know better.
Then when you know better, do better.”
–Maya Angelou


Developed in 2007, the Parent Skill Builder (PSB) program is designed to assist families as they work to increase and improve their parenting skills. The program is strength-based and focuses on what families are already doing well in addition to areas where further support is needed. 

Programming is flexible and the curriculum accommodates families with children of all ages. The PSB program fits well with Orion’s philosophy that everyone in the family is responsible for their current situation, but no one is to blame.

Services typically begin with an assessment, which is described below and allows the team to develop personalized goals for each family. The skills training work is done over the course of about 6 months with twice-weekly sessions. The program uses a workbook and individualized goals to direct progress. In addition, staff have training in providing trauma-focused treatment. 

Parent Skill Builder Assessment 

The PSB assessment is conducted over the course of two sessions and uses both formal written measurements as well as structured observation to evaluate current skill levels. The assessment results in a “snapshot” of family functioning and from that, goals are created. The PSB assessment can also be provided as a standalone service. 

Parent Skills Training

PSB Therapists meet twice a week with families in their homes. The case manager, who is a master’s level psychotherapist, meets with parents weekly to work on building skills and reinforcing strengths. Coaching, modeling, instruction, and support are offered and supplemented with homework assignments. The therapy team also meets with the entire family weekly for therapy sessions where the parents are encouraged to put their new skills to use. 

The PSB program can be used with families that have their children in the home as well as with families who have children placed outside of the home. In cases where the PSB session is held during a scheduled visit, the parent is asked to come early to plan and prepare for the visit. Parents also meet with the therapy team after the visit to process activities and events. 

More Information

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