Orion’s Work with CHHSM

February 25, 2022

Orion Family Services is pleased to announce that Niquanna Barnett and Stacey Parke will be presenting at the CHHSM 84th annual gathering in Louisville, KY. Niquanna and Stacey presented a workshop proposal and were one of the select few chosen. Listed below is an overview of what their workshop will cover. If you see them in the office or via email make sure to say good luck and congratulations.

The death of George Floyd in 2020 brought sudden attention to the existence of systemic injustice and inequity embedded in our country and catapulted DEI into the national spotlight. In this workshop you will learn how Orion Family Services recognized a need to do more as an organization to support and educate its staff and board and steps we have taken to implement a plan to improve agency culture and operations regarding DEI initiatives. We’ll share with you some of the tools we’ve used to train staff in recognizing implicit bias and its impact in service delivery and agency culture.