Orion Staff Attend the Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness’ 1st Annual Block Party

August 23, 2023

On August 13th, staff attended the 1st Annual Block Party hosted by The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness. The block party took place at Brittingham Park and was intended to be a space for the community to connect with local resources that may benefit their families.

Picture from L-R: Fern Kanitz, Alice Caceres-Turcios, Michelle Howard, & Niquanna Barnett.

The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness was started by Lisa M. Peyton. About the foundation:

The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness is an outgrowth of work began by Founder Lisa M. Peyton, who after losing her mother Roberta Peyton at the age of 64 to heart disease on May 22, 2006, launched Black Women’s Wellness Day (BWWDAY) on May 22, 2008.  Black Women’s Wellness Day is an annual health summit dedicated to informing, inspiring, and empowering women and girls to build and sustain healthy, thriving, wellness-centered lives, and brings together women, health partners, wellness practitioners, community leaders, and organizations in support and solidarity for Black women’s health.  In her own words, Ms. Peyton-Caire explains:

I realized that what happened to my mother was not the exception, but the norm for far too many women in my family and extended community. Yet, I didn’t hear any alarm bells going off. Black women all around me were dying young in the prime of their lives form largely preventable illnesses, and no one was making a sound about it. We wept, we planned and attended their funerals, and went on with life accepting this as their fate…our fate. At that point, I knew I had to do and say something to change this course. Black Women’s Wellness Day was what I dreamed up as my contribution to saving our lives”.

Credit: www.ffbww.org

Although it rained all day, the community came out in full force, and we were able to make many new connections. It was very rewarding to connect with the community that we serve. Niquanna even had the opportunity to connect with a mother whose daughter was in one of Orion’s groups at West High School. The mother shared how the group had been helpful to her daughter. It is always great to hear about successful outcomes. Especially when we are out and about at events like these.

To learn more about this valuable organization please visit their website: https://www.ffbww.org. They will also be hosting their 15th Annual Black Women’s Wellness Day on Saturday, September 30th at Monona Terrace Convention Center. We hope to see you there!