Case Farm Connection

December 23, 2022

For the past year, the owner of Pineview Farm, Steve Case, has been allowing Orion’s Community Service’s staff to bring kids to his dairy farm for a hands-on learning experience. When Lead Child & Family Support Specialist, Brianna Hadley, reached out to Steve last year, she was in search of a farm close to Orion’s Janesville office for kids to explore.

When posing the idea, she informed Steve of Orion’s respite program and the general goals that staff work towards with consumers. These can include: how to behave appropriately in the community, respecting placed boundaries, and connecting with others. Steve was happy to host Orion and share his passion for agriculture with youngsters!

On arrival, we are greeted by Steve and loaded into his ATV. He then gives a guided tour of the farm. From inside the milking parlor to outside in the calf pens, Steve is admirably patient when answering questions. He allows kids to watch the milking process, pet newborn calves, collect eggs from chickens, and meet the resident farm dog.

Consumer* connects with dairy cow on the Case Farm.

Orion is so grateful for this valuable resource and recognizes that so much of Orion’s success depends on the cooperation of the communities we serve!

Consumer photo used with permission of parent/guardian*