Parent Programs

Support and Programs for Parents

The demands presented by children with mental health challenges or problems with alcohol and/or drug use, delinquent behavior, or school-related behaviors often become overwhelming for parents to address on their own.

Parents may lack the breadth of skills necessary to deal with the intensity and nature of their children's needs and behavior.


Their knowledge of child development may be limited and result in a set of inappropriate expectations and strategies. In situations where parents are considered at risk of child abuse and neglect or are having significant difficulty managing conflict and undesirable behavior, parent skills training and support is provided.

Parents become involved with the parenting education program after they have been identified by the County Department of Human Services and referred by staff in the child protective services division. This early intervention program falls within the purview of what is considered Family Preservation programs.

Parents may be an intact couple or a single custodial parent. Orion has the capability of serving parents with children of all ages. Parents with active alcohol or other drug abuse patterns will be included if they are concurrently involved in treatment.

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Parent Skill Builder (PSB) Program

Developed in 2007, the Parent Skill Building (PSB) program is designed to assist families as they work to increase and improve their parenting skills.  This program is provided in the family home by a team of therapists.